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When Miriam and her husband Mitch enrolled with 9 Year Mortgage they had an unusual situation in that they wanted to purchase their dream home, but they were fighting to clean up their credit which was damaged by the hospital when Mitch had a water skiing accident.  The bills were sent out in the names of two different people with two different addresses.  They paid the bills they knew about, but the “mystery bills” were not paid until they had gone to collections and finally found their way back to Mitch.

The couple had tried every means possible to have those collection accounts taken off of their credit report, but finally entered into a payment arrangement for the principal balance (fees and interest were waived) with a promise that the collections accounts would be removed from their credit once the balances were paid in full.

9 Year Mortgage helped Mitch and Miriam to see the value of borrowing from a retirement account to clean up the mess immediately.  The new three year medical loan became a new account in their financial plan, and was accelerated down to 2.2 years.  Now their credit score is coming back immediately rather than in three years, and Mitch and Miriam are hoping they can purchase their house this coming winter or spring, before interest rates go up, and while property values are still low.

They just needed someone to help them see what options were available, and to evaluate the impact of those choices on their overall financial picture.  9 Year Mortgage helped them to take action and set up a plan, and gave them hope that they could move forward.  They had been so discouraged at how credit scores and identity theft had ruined their financial lives that they were simply going from day to day, without hope.  Now things are different, and they thank 9 Year Mortgage for letting the light shine in.

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