An Introduction to 9 Year Mortgage Client Experiences Inside 9 Year Mortgage
  1. Can I really become debt free (including my mortgage) in 9 years?

    Nine Year Mortgage clients are debt free in an average of nine years. Your time could be less, or it could take 15 to 20 years or more. Several factors will determine if the Nine Year Mortgage Program could work for you and how fast you will be debt free, including your income, amount of debt, and personal credit situation. Your Free Analysis will show your guaranteed time to become completely debt free. It may surprise you.

  2. How does it work?Nine Year Mortgage - question mark

    The Nine Year Mortgage 3 Step Process:

    1st:   5-minute Prequalification to see if you might qualify for the program.

    2nd:   Free Analysis where we get all of your numbers, cover your budget, and put everything in the computer to create a fully customized Financial Plan.

    3rd:   Final appointment to go through your Financial Plan, show you your exact debt free date, and explain exactly how this will work for your situation.

    When you are in debt and trying to get out, it’s really hard.  You don’t know what it feels like unless you have been in that situation and have felt the stress.  It takes a lot of time, work, and discipline to keep up. One common strategy is to pay off the smallest debt first and then apply that money to the next debt.  Nine Year Mortgage uses a combination of similar strategies--we do the work and figure everything out for you.  Technically, everything we are doing you could do on your own.  All of the strategies and techniques are available to anyone with the time to read, study, and implement their own Financial Plan.

     If you are able to do everything perfectly, like the computer, and follow through to the end, then you are already doing exactly what we help our clients to do (and you very well might be debt free already.)  However, if you have had a hard time becoming debt free on your own or are not reaching your goals fast enough, then we can give you the help you need to become debt free.

  3. Will it work for me in my situation?

    Not everyone qualifies for the Nine Year Mortgage Program.  The most common reason people don’t qualify is because they do not have enough money coming in to cover all of their debts and expenses going out.  Even if you qualify, our program is not a good fit for every situation.  If you are not worried about paying off the debt right now, or if it isn’t a high priority, then this will not be a good fit for you.  Also, if you are paying off the debt on your own and you are happy with your progress, then we recommend you continue on your own.  After all, your plan is working and you can always call us in the future if for any reason things don’t work out.

    By speaking with a Nine Year Mortgage representative, you can learn in just a few minutes if this might work for you.  Click Here to begin filling out some basic information, or call (800) 530-1285.

  4. How is Nine Year Mortgage different from other programs?

    We take responsibility for your success. We even guarantee it.

    Nine Year Mortgage will not harm your credit. We are not "debt professionals" who will attempt to negotiate interest rates or reduce or settle debts for pennies on the dollar.  In fact your creditors will never even know you are working with us because they will always receive at least the minimum payments on time.  Credit counseling and debt settlement programs cause harm to your credit.  Their process of renegotiating for concessions or reductions in the balance or terms, with your creditors and not making payments shows up on your credit report and lowers your credit rating.  The Nine Year Mortgage program will help pay down all of your debt including:  auto loans, student loans, 401k loans, personal loans, credit cards, and mortgages--without harming your credit.  Credit counseling and debt settlement programs will only help you with your credit card debt.

    Nine Year Mortgage will continue to work with you until you are completely debt free.  Financial coaching companies only work with you for about six months, after that point you are on your own.  Financial coaching companies will sell you information, Nine Year Mortgage helps you take action that produces results.

    Nine Year Mortgage has a very high client success rate.  We provide the discipline, strategies, systems, and tools in a proven, program that will work every single time.  Other companies offer financial education in the form of self-help books, strategies, or software.  They teach you to budget, spend less money, apply more money to the debt, and how to do a debt roll down.  These programs have great strategies and really can work, but it completely depends on the individual’s ability to implement the strategies perfectly and consistently over time.  With do-it-yourself programs, most people fall off track within 6 to 12 months, it doesn’t matter what program they are doing.  Some people can read a book and then pay off all of their debt, but unfortunately the vast majority need additional help to become debt free.  Many Nine Year Mortgage clients come from these other programs because they have tried it on their own unsuccessfully, and now they are ready for help.

  5. How much does the program cost?

    We make money by helping you save money.  Right now you are paying interest to the banks.  We will save you as much of that money as possible and pay off your debt years sooner.  That allows us to make a small percentage of that money and still improve your situation significantly.  We build the cost into the program so that it doesn’t affect your budget or your lifestyle.  We have different options on how we can do that depending on what works best with your situation.  On average we make about 10% of the interest savings but that varies depending on your debt load, how much work it’s going to be and how much time we can save you.  The most important part of the cost of the program is that this has to be a win-win.  You need to be saving many times more than it’s costing you to do the program.

    After completing your Free Analysis, we will build your customized Financial Plan and show you the exact numbers, including the cost of the program and how soon you will be debt free. Before you make any decisions, you will know exactly what it’s going to cost you to do this, and what you’re getting for that cost.

  6. How can Nine Year Mortgage guarantee my results?

    We guarantee that you will become debt free (including your mortgage) in the time we promise, or you will get 110% of your money back. We take full responsibility to show you, motivate you and help make it happen for you. The guarantee is contingent upon you being able to cover the agreed upon monthly payment and on no additional debt being added. If you do need to add debt for any reason, or if the terms on any debts change, we will simply recalculate your new time frame, and the guarantee will apply to your new Financial Plan.

  7. Does Nine Year Mortgage just help me to pay off my debts?

    Absolutely not.  While helping clients to become debt free is our primary focus, we help our clients with so much more than just that.  You’ll have personal access to a Plan Coordinator who can help you with almost any financial question.  Here are some additional areas where we have helped clients obtain information in the past:

    • Budgeting and money management
    • Money saving tips
    • Building emergency savings fund
    • Refinancing your mortgage
    • Retirement planning
    • Real estate investment consulting
    • Tax planning strategies
    • Estate planning services

    Basically, anytime you have any questions financially, you can contact Nine Year Mortgage first and we can point you in the right direction to get the help you need.  Anytime you’re considering an investment or are approached with a business idea we recommend you consult us first so we can help you perform research and due diligence by referencing our experience working with other clients.  We have helped many clients avoid major pitfalls in the past by consulting with us first.

  8. Does your program just pay extra on my debts?

    No. Although just paying extra money on your debts is the easiest way to become debt free, most Nine Year Mortgage clients don’t have a lot of extra money to pay on their debts. They are already tight month to month and if they had extra cash they would probably have paid off all of their debt by now.

  9. How can you pay off my debt in 9 years with the same payments I’m already making?

    We might not be able to do it in nine years, every client is different. If you add up all of your minimum payments on all of your debts, usually you need to have a few hundred dollars extra to make this work. Most people are already paying a little extra on some of their debts anyway. At first we might not be able to do much, but over time as we accelerate and pay each debt down, the daily calculated interest will decrease. That frees up additional money that we can apply to your debts. We can usually make the program work within your current budget, but if you are having a hard time making the minimum payments and find yourself falling behind, it might be too late for help.

  10. Could I do this on my own?

    Yes, you absolutely could do this on your own.  Some people do a great job of managing their finances on their own.  Anyone with enough time, discipline, and work over a long period of time could build, implement and follow through on a financial plan without any help.  The Nine Year Mortgage program doesn’t contain any secret debt elimination techniques.  There isn’t anything magical about what we are doing.  Technically, everything we are doing you could do on your own.  So why isn’t everyone already debt free if they could do this on their own?

     Just because you can do something, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will do it.  The debt problem in America is worse than ever and so many people are struggling with their finances and hoping for some kind of help.  Nine Year Mortgage has already helped thousands of Americans in all 50 states since 1996.  Our program changes lives and helps our clients to take control of their finances.  We are passionate about helping clients become debt free.  Part of our process is to identify all of the problems and reasons for why each client hasn’t been able to pay off the debt on their own.  Then we customize a Financial Plan to solve every one of those problems and finally get results.  With Nine Year Mortgage, you just keep making payments like you are already doing and we take care of all of the tedious detail work for you.  We realized that we had to have a program that would work every single time, where the client does not have to do much except make the money.

     Some people just need help with their finances and they know it.  Besides the discipline it takes to become debt free, there is a very large time investment to research, learn, understand, implement, and follow through.  You may seek professional help in many areas of your life, like visiting the doctor, using an accountant, hiring a mechanic or personal trainer, the list goes on and on.  So when does it make sense to seek professional help to do something?

    The answer is simple: whenever the benefits outweigh the costs.  If getting help to become debt free even faster, with guaranteed results, is going to cost you less than you would have paid to the banks by doing it on your own, then the benefit outweighs the cost.  It makes sense to pay for help to get out of debt as long as it’s going to save you more than it’s going to cost you to do it.  Right now you are paying interest to stay in debt.  The banks don’t want that to change.

    For example: Jane is paying $3,000 per month on her debts.  Using the same $3,000, Nine Year Mortgage is able to pay off the debt in 9 years. Doing it on her own, Jane takes 12 years to pay it off with the same $3,000 total monthly payment.  The extra three years are costing her 36 months of debt payments.  Comparing apples to apples at $3,000 per month over 36 months, it is costing her $108,000 more to do it on her own.  So she pays a hundred thousand dollars  more because she didn’t get help.

  11. So how do I know if I really need help or not?

    There are many indicators that you might need help.  Here are a few:

    • Finances have become a source of contention.
    • The debt is stressing you out to where you avoid dealing with it.
    • You and your spouse are on two different pages financially.
    • You don’t have enough time to give your finances the attention they need.
    • You have tried to pay off the debt in the past and it hasn’t worked.
    • You are not paying off the debt on your own as fast as you would like.
    • You don’t have the long term discipline to stick to a plan on your own.
    • You forget to make payments some months because you are too busy.
    • You will never be able to retire because you have too much debt.
    • Your time is too valuable to spend it managing your debt.

    If you aren’t certain if you need help or not, don’t worry--that’s why we offer the Financial Analysis for free.  Call us up and tell us about your situation.  We will let you know if it sounds like you are doing well on your own.  But if we think we can help, we will build a Financial Plan to show you how fast we can help you pay off the debt.

  12. Is the program automated?

    Yes.  We help you set up a separate debt payment account through your bank.  This is a normal free checking account and only your name is on it.  We never have access to your money for security reasons.  You will be giving authorization to transfer money from that debt payment account to a list of your approved creditors only.  The money goes straight from your account to your creditors without passing through the hands of anyone else.  We incorporate a bill pay service that works through your bank to be able to transfer money without ever having access to your account.

    Why is it automated?  We have found that even if we give people the Financial Plan and tell them exactly what to do, their success rate is still very low.  The only way we can guarantee results and have this work every single time, is if the client doesn’t have to do much of anything.  As long as you have the money each month to cover all of your debt payments, the Nine Year Mortgage program will work.

  13. Will it harm my credit?

    No. The Nine Year Mortgage program will not harm your credit. It will not show up on your credit report. In fact, none of your creditors will even know you are working with us because all of the payments are still coming from your bank account. All of your creditors will receive at least the minimum payments on time each month. We don't ever pull a credit report.

  14. How can you pay off my debt in 9 years with the same payments I’m already making?

    First, a Nine Year Mortgage representative will go through some basic prequalification questions to get started. Then we’ll schedule a time for your analysis. We won’t ask for account numbers or other sensitive information, but we do need to know the balances, minimum payments, and interest rates on all of your debts. We also go over your budget and your expenses. The Nine Year Mortgage Financial Plan is customized for each client so we will need to understand your financial goals and priorities, such as:

    • How soon you want to be debt free and why?
    • How soon you want to retire?
    • Do you need to start college funds for children?
    • Are there any other major financial goals we need to consider in your plan?

    We can’t move forward unless all decision makers are on the same page, so if you are married, both you and your spouse need to be ready to become debt free and participate in the process.  Our program is guaranteed so we always make sure this is going to work for you before we let you into the program.  We will go over all of your debts, expenses, and income to make sure this will work for you before we get started.

    After the analysis is complete we will schedule one final appointment to go through your Financial Plan details, including your exact debt free date. There is no charge or commitment for this analysis.  If you don’t qualify for the Nine Year Mortgage program, we might have a partner who can help you, and we’ll also let you know how you can help yourself qualify for the program in the future.

  15. What about flexibility? What if I buy another car, or add another payment?

    With the Nine Year Mortgage program you will have the ability to make adjustments to your Financial Plan at any time along the way, with no additional cost. We understand that you might need to buy a new car, or choose to sell your home, or experience a change in employment. Your Program Coordinator will be available to help guide you through any necessary adjustments.

  16. What happens if I lose my job?

    More and more people are finding themselves unemployed in today’s economy. To help our clients if faced with this unfortunate situation, we have created an advanced Customer Support division that will help them with additional guidance to find the best possible solution. If necessary, we can restructure your program or temporarily place your program on hold until you are ready to get you back on track.

  17. Will I lose control of my finances?

    No. First, we never have access to your money for security purposes. Second, Nine Year Mortgage will serve as your long-term financial partner. You have full control over everything. You can make adjustments to your Financial Plan at any time. You will continue to receive all your monthly creditor statements showing payments made to your account. You will also have secure online access to your program where you can watch your balances disappear!

  18. What is on the free CD?

    The Nine Year Mortgage Audio CD contains 75-minutes of information you can play in your car, or any CD player. It includes our philosophy on why so many of us get into debt, and what is required to break free of the cycle and get out of debt. It educates you on all of the various programs out there and how they work. It also includes Nine Year Mortgage clients sharing their personal experiences with our program.

  19. Will Nine Year Mortgage work in Canada?

    Unfortunately the Nine Year Mortgage program is currently only compatible with banks in the United States. We are working on a solution for Canadian citizens. In the meantime, feel free to order an electronic version of the Free CD, and when we are setup in Canada you will be notified of the program details.

  20. When will I be contacted?

    A Nine Year Mortgage representative will attempt to contact you for a free consultation within two business days of your submission. Due to the high volume of free analysis requests, this time frame may be longer. If you would like to speed up the process, you can contact us at (800) 530-1285.

  21. Who is Nine Year Mortgage?

    Our Chairman is Howard Ruff, renowned financial advisor and publisher of The Ruff Times financial newsletter since 1975.  He is also author to the New York Times all time best-selling financial book, How to Prosper During the Coming Bad Years.  For more information go to http://nineyearmortgage.com/howard-ruff.

    Nine Year Mortgage has been serving clients in all 50 states since 1996.  Our headquarters are located in Orem, Utah and our well trained staff come from backgrounds in accounting, banking, insurance, financial services, and mortgages.   Every member of the Nine Year Mortgage team is dedicated to each client’s success and to the continual improvement of our program in every way.

  22. How do I find out more about this program?

    Click Here to get started online or call us toll-free at (800) 530-1285.