An Enthusiastic Change For Two Of Our Clients

Two of our recent clients live in the Midwest.  They enrolled in June 2012.

The biggest thing they got out of the plan is that they now believe it’s going to be possible for them to retire.  Before this, they felt like a door that was going back and forth on its hinges and never getting anywhere.

The wife was so depressed about the fact that they never seemed to get anywhere that she was moping around the house.  Now that she sees light at the end of the tunnel, she has felt a burst of energy.  She canned over 300 quarts of vegetables and fruit in the past 60 days.

Both the spouses have taken the challenge to put a $10 bill into a Tupperware container in the kitchen each week.  That’s $20/week between the 2 of them, or $1000 per year.

Each month they watch it build up, and when it gets to $100, they treat themselves for a little inexpensive date, and then put the remainder into the bank for emergency savings.  They never had such an account before.

What is dawning on them is that they can control their money, and have it work for them, and not the other way around.  It’s not the $10/week that each one saves, but the fact that they are doing something proactive and dominating their spending.

They believe it’s possible.  They are united in their hopes and they are enthusiastic.  They are working together as a team which is something they did not do very well before they met us.  Their goal is to beat the debt-free date by a year, and they are 110% committed to the program.

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