Helping Clients

  • Jim and Reba (2/4/2013) - Jim and Reba thought that a refinance was impossible for them.  They hated their 6.50% mortgage, but they were underwater and had been turned down by the mortgage company that serviced their loan.   We told them about the HARP 2.0 program, and they applied through Quicken.  They were accepted, and they just signed for 3.99% […]
  • Jonathan and Michelle (1/15/2013) - Even though Jonathan and Michelle had enjoyed many years of earning great incomes, they had adapted their lifestyles to become consumers.  They had lots of things, but no wealth.  Instead, they had lots of debt.  When they turned 40, life started to hit them between the eyes, and they realized that what they had to […]
  • Mary Trimble (11/20/2012) - Mary Trimble (not her real name) is a nurse.  She and her husband are middle-aged, and have made steady and good money for many years.  And yet, they are looking at more than 25 years to pay off their most recent mortgage refinance, and they have more credit card debt today than they did 10 […]
  • Marvin and Nancy (11/6/2012) - Marvin and Nancy were interested in having a guaranteed debt-free date.  They were very motivated to make their plan work, because they wanted to retire and enjoy spending time with family and traveling. The original plan showed a debt-free date of 11.4 years, but with help from Nine Year Mortgage, Marvin and Nancy have reduced […]
  • Taking Control with Nine Year Mortgage (10/10/2012) - John and Suzie wanted to gain control over their money.  They knew that on paper it was possible, but they never seemed to make it come true. They sat down and realized that they had refinanced their home three times since they bought it in 1996. Sixteen years after making their first home purchase, they […]
  • An Enthusiastic Change For Two Of Our Clients (10/6/2012) - Two of our recent clients live in the Midwest.  They enrolled in June 2012. The biggest thing they got out of the plan is that they now believe it’s going to be possible for them to retire.  Before this, they felt like a door that was going back and forth on its hinges and never […]
  • Don and Marlene (10/4/2012) - Don and Marlene took their plan by the horns and decided to find every way they could to accelerate their debt-free date with 9 Year Mortgage.  The first thing we did was transfer some credit card balances to 0% accounts.  This allowed us to improve their plan performance by 3 months while simultaneously lowering their […]
  • Reaching Goals with 9 Year Mortgage (7/8/2012) - The Richards had a goal to volunteer as missionaries for their church.  In order to do this, they needed to be out of debt and in control of their finances.  They were in their early 50s, and Jim could retire with a decent pension at age 63.  His wife would take early Social Security, and […]
  • Miriam and Mitch (5/21/2012) - When Miriam and her husband Mitch enrolled with 9 Year Mortgage they had an unusual situation in that they wanted to purchase their dream home, but they were fighting to clean up their credit which was damaged by the hospital when Mitch had a water skiing accident.  The bills were sent out in the names […]