does 9 year mortgage work

Even though Jonathan and Michelle had enjoyed many years of earning great incomes, they had adapted their lifestyles to become consumers.  They had lots of things, but no wealth.  Instead, they had lots of debt.  When they turned 40, life started to hit them between the eyes, and they realized that what they had to show for all of their income was worth less than what they owed in debt.  The car had depreciated, the house was underwater, and the expensive clothes and electronic gadgets and the lavish trips were all used up.  They told us that they felt like they were still paying for the steak dinner they ate back in 2009.

When they heard the Nine Year Mortgage radio ad two things really resonated with them.  The first was the word “guaranteed” and the second was “nine years”.  They thought it was too good to be true, but they made the call anyway.  When their analysis was complete, they were amazed that even though the average Nine Year Mortgage client is on track to be debt free in nine years, their plan would eliminate all of their debt in just 6.9 years!  They knew if they could simply keep making their existing payment going forward, the math was guaranteed.   What they needed was hope and the discipline to make it all come true.

Michelle says that their lives are now transformed.  They have found over $400 per month in “fat” that they have taken out of their day-to-day spending, and this has gone into the plan to further accelerate their debt-free date.  They work together on their finances, and they feel like they can almost count the days until their guaranteed date comes through.  Right now they are focused on the fact that in just three years they won’t have any debt left except their two large mortgages.  They can almost taste it, and they are thrilled with Nine Year Mortgage and the discipline it has provided so they can achieve their goals.

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