Taking Control with Nine Year Mortgage

John and Suzie wanted to gain control over their money.  They knew that on paper it was possible, but they never seemed to make it come true.

They sat down and realized that they had refinanced their home three times since they bought it in 1996.

Sixteen years after making their first home purchase, they had a bigger mortgage than ever, and still 27 years to go in order to pay it off.

Now they were even considering doing a 4th refinance, and starting over again. At this point they wondered if they would ever get out of debt.

Upon serious reflection, the $38,000 in additional mortgage debt on their house represented the amount they had overspent in the last 16 years.

That was about $200/month, every month, for nearly 200 months. It was a bad habit, but they finally admitted that weren’t able to control it.

So, they reached out to Nine Year Mortgage and found the solution they needed.

The two things that they have told us they now enjoy in their financial lives are the following:

1) “Now we have a path that is guaranteed.  We know we can beat this debt, and we refuse to ruin the program by overspending.”

2) “Now we work together on our money.  Before Nine Year Mortgage, we realize that we were operating as 2 separate individuals, and not working together.  Money is such a huge enemy–a threat to our emotional and family well being, that we have to stand shoulder to shoulder and defend ourselves against it on a daily basis.”

Thanks to Nine Year Mortgage, these 2 blessings are coming true.  They tell us over and over “If it wasn’t for this, we’d still be on the same path.”

Yes, it was always POSSIBLE, but it would never have ACTUALLY HAPPENED without help.  Nine Year Mortgage is the help they needed.

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