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Actual Nine Year Mortgage clients sharing the remarkable benefits of the Nine Year Mortgage program through their life stories is key to the success of our campaigns.  By recording a message on our toll-free testimonial line, you are giving us permission to use your recording, or any portion of it, in these campaigns. Thank you for helping us spread the word about Nine Year Mortgage!

Here is how you can record your experience:Nine Year Mortgage telephone operator

  1. Write down some notes on what you would like to say about Nine Year Mortgage. Please include your name(s), city, and state. Also include information that would allow others to identify with you, such as what you do for a living, how many children you have, and your age or “stage in life.”  You may want to include an experience with one or more of the following areas:
    • Details of your Nine Year Mortgage Financial Plan, such as how much mortgage debt you had, how much non-mortgage debt you had, interest savings, years until debt free, or years of payments eliminated, etc.
    • How you learned about Nine Year Mortgage
    • Your process or experience in researching Nine Year Mortgage
    • Your experience with our enrollment process
    • Benefits of our Money Mastery educational program
    • What you have learned from Nine Year Mortgage so far
    • Benefits of using the “What If?” scenarios on the website
    • Convenience of our payment processing system
    • How will your life be better, or how it is already better
    • Experience with your Personal Finance Analyst and/or our Consulting Center
    • General benefits of the Nine Year Mortgage Financial Plan, how it makes you feel – effects on stress, sleep, health, etc.
  2. Call our Customer Service department at (800) 530-1285 to record your review.

Be on TV as part of the Nine Year Mortgage National Television Campaign

Once you have recorded your story and submitted a picture, you may be considered for our National Television Campaigns.  Your story about your experience with Nine Year Mortgage is key to spreading the word about our services.  If you are willing to be interviewed and have your story filmed for television at one of our national television filming sessions, along with others who are sharing their stories, please let us know.  We can’t pay you for this — it can only be motivated by your willingness to help others learn about our program.  We do, however, pick up the expenses for your travel, one hotel night, and food expenses.  If you are interested, please contact our client services department at (800) 530-1285.

Thank you for your interest in Nine Year Mortgage, where a brighter tomorrow can be yours today!