How Does It Work?

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9 Year Mortgage is a structured debt acceleration program that assists clients in eliminating all of their debt, including their mortgage, in an average of about 9 years.  Client results can range from as little as 5 years to as many as 25 years.  Rather than just educating or giving clients software, 9 Year Mortgage puts clients on a full service program with a 95% success rate.  9 Year Mortgage helps clients to accomplish what they haven’t been able to do on their own.

How Does 9 Year Mortgage Work?

Before you ask how does 9 Year Mortgage work, you should start by asking yourself what you really want to accomplish financially.  Some people have a load of credit card and other debt, while others might just be focused on their mortgage and retirement. What are your biggest financial headaches right now?  The following questions may help: Nine Year Mortgage - Happy Couple 2

  1. Am I in more debt now than I was 5 years ago?
  2. Do I feel like I am going to be out of debt in the time I want on my own?
  3. Do I need help to get to where I want to be?
  4. Do I have enough cash set aside for emergencies?
  5. How much more money do I need for retirement?

Many Americans are already doing a great job with their finances.  Some people could pay off all of their debt today just by using their cash reserves.  If this is your situation, you might be struggling to decide if you should pay off your mortgage, or if there is something better you could be doing with your money.  These difficult questions can become more clear as you learn and understand what strategies and options are available to you–many of which our clients never knew existed.  Our Advanced Strategies Divison is available to help you customize a solution to meet your goals. Some people are more concerned with their credit card and other consumer debt than they are with their mortgage.  They have been trying to pay off their debt for a long time, but for whatever reason they have not been successful.  Retirement is approaching, their financial situation isn’t getting any better, and they’re starting to feel like they won’t  be able to get out of debt in the time they want on their own. Here are a few key reasons people have difficulty reaching complete financial freedom:

  1. Ease of Credit—The banks make it very easy to get in debt.
  2. Time – Many people don’t have the free time necessary to dedicate to their finances.
  3. Discipline – Sticking to a plan over a long period of time is very difficult without a support system to help you stay on track.
  4. Understanding – Many people put a lot of time and effort into becoming debt free but they aren’t doing it in the most effective way.
  5. Life gets in the way—Life is full of distractions and there are so many good ways to spend your time.  Between family, education, work, and many other important things, sometimes there just isn’t enough time at the end of the day to work on your finances.

Of course this is not a comprehensive list, but if for any reason you feel like you aren’t going to get to where you want to be on your own, you should contact a 9 Year Mortgage representative immediately. If you feel like you don’t need help or are already doing a great job on your own, then just keep doing what you are already doing.  It doesn’t matter if you really will become debt free on your own or not because if you feel like you don’t need help, there is nothing we can do.  It really doesn’t matter how 9 Year Mortgage works or how great the results would be for you, because if you think you can do it on your own you will never want help or to participate in the 9 Year Mortgage program. For those of you who still aren’t sure if you need help, the best thing you can do is give us a call so we can compare strategies and plans to see if we can do it faster.

Now, How Does 9 Year Mortgage Work?

If you are still reading, you are most likely a hardworking American and you are tired of making payments without making progress, and you’re open to getting help to reach your goals. So getting out of debt is simple right?  Don’t you just pay it off?   There are 3 basic guidelines:

  1. Spend less than you make.
  2. Don’t add new debt.
  3. Apply all of your extra money towards paying off the debt.

Something simple in theory isn’t always simple in practice.  If it were that easy, there wouldn’t be such an overwhelming consumer debt crisis in America and you wouldn’t be reading this because you would have become debt free a long time ago without help from 9 Year Mortgage. The 9 Year Mortgage program is much more than a book or a simple guideline that helps people learn how to pay their debt off.  What do you think the success rate is for becoming completely debt free for people who read a book or learn a few strategies?  If your answer was really, really, bad—you are correct. Think for a minute about why you are not yet debt free.  Most people probably have a different reason but it’s not likely that the problem is you didn’t know you were supposed to spend less than you make. Whatever your reasons are, the 9 Year Mortgage program has found a way to help you overcome those problems and reach your goals. How does 9 Year Mortgage work to help you overcome problems?

  1. We do a full analysis to understand your financial situation and why you haven’t been able to get to where you want to be.
  2. We set realistic goals to find out where you want to be financially and when.
  3. We build a fully customized plan to create a clear path to financial freedom.  We can even automate your plan to put it on full cruise control.
  4. We provide the maintenance and support to keep you on track.
  5. We work with you all the way to the end to make sure you reach your goals.
  6. Our representatives provide a second pair of eyes on your finances and help you to save money in ways most people never see.
  7. We help you to build your emergency and retirement savings.
  8. Our advanced strategies can help you beat the banks at their own game.

For most people, traditional methods haven’t worked, and they know they need a program with guaranteed results. For example: Many people who are in debt don’t have the extra money necessary to pay their debts off faster, so that’s not even an option for them.  9 Year Mortgage overcomes this problem by working within your current budget and your current financial situation. Another example: 9 Year Mortgage - Big Debt The banks are very good at keeping people in debt.  After all, it’s how they make money.  Their job is to figure out how they can get you to stay in debt longer and refinance often.  So there are some very powerful people working against your goals.  The 9 Year Mortgage strategies work by helping Americans to pay less in interest.  If you are paying less interest then we can apply more to principle which will accelerate your debt payoff. Not everyone qualifies for our program, and the same strategies can’t be applied to everyone.  We have many different strategies that provide a variety of options to help you reach your goals.  The fastest way to find out how 9 Year Mortgage will work for you is to fill out our Do I Qualify? form and then call one of our representatives. The initial prequalification phone call takes about 5 minutes. We can then schedule your Customized Financial Analysis. This analysis will allow us to find out what strategies we will use for your situation, how much money we can save you, and your exact debt free date.  The process is very simple and our qualified representatives are ready to help. In summary, yes our program uses a combination of different strategies, and yes it pays your debt off in the fastest mathematical way possible and we even have a 95% client success rate, but even more important than any of these facts is this: 9 Year Mortgage can provide you with your path to financial security.  But the only person who can make the decision to get on that path and reach your goals is you.

How Much Does 9 Year Mortgage Cost?

The 9 Year Mortgage program cost is typically 10% of the interest savings generated.  The cost is also influenced by the amount of time, effort, and expense associated with implementing your plan. We work with our clients though the entire process, this maintenance and support is what helps our clients to have such a high success rate. The cost of the program is different for everyone, but we want to make sure that the majority of the money is going in your pocket.  For example: If by using our program you were going to save X amount of dollars that you would have otherwise paid to the banks, 10% of those savings would go to us and 90% would be the benefit of doing the program for you. Most people are already paying thousands and thousands of dollars in interest to the banks each year.  The goal of 9 Year Mortgage is to save you from paying as much of that interest as possible and to pay your debt off as fast as possible.  This makes our program a win–win.  By paying 9 Year Mortgage 10% of what  you save, money that you would have otherwise paid to the banks, you are saving ten times more than the fee we charge.  It’s like found money.

Do I Qualify for the 9 Year Mortgage Program?

The most exciting part for our clients is finding out their exact debt free date!  The prequalification phone call takes about 5 minutes. Nine Year Mortgage - Click Here Button To get started today!