Mission Statement

Nine Year Mortgage Mission Statement

The Nine Year Mortgage commitment to excellence:

Nine Year Mortgage is committed to helping our clients reach financial security.  Our mission is to help our clients discover, and also follow, a secure path that will unmistakably lead to financial security.  Nine Year Mortgage is the voice of reason, the ear of understanding, and the financial compass that will allow our clients to successfully navigate the tumultuous path to financial security.


Do I Qualify for the Nine Year Mortgage Program?

Not everyone qualifies or will benefit from the Nine Year Mortgage program so there is no easy answer to that question.   However, we are very careful with who we let into the program.  We go through a qualification process to make sure you have a viable financial plan that will work before we let you into the program.  Our representatives are trained to ask the right questions and gather the information necessary to find out if we can help you as quickly as possible.  If you would like to go through this process you can Click Here to begin filling out some basic information so that a Nine Year Mortgage representative can start working on your numbers right away.

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